Prototype-Oriented Development

The Deployment Strategy is based on the Prototype-oriented Model. The application of this Model is possible from the tooling set offered by SIGTB FinTech Platform, which allows to drastically shorten the software development and customization cycle

Development & Customization Phases


It consists of four phases - Requirements, Technical Design and Reengineering- until the final validation is reached, at which point the final Software component is promoted and published for consumption.


SIGTB FinTech environment also provides application version management. Each application instance that is promoted has a associated version, so it is possible to have several instances of the same application running in parallel.


In this way, different instances of the same application can be treated and managed from a unique administration.




Testing Phases


On the Fly: verifying the follow-up and concrete verification that the processes of self-provision respond to the expected behavior. The samples are collected "hot" from the Platform Monitoring Module, -DBADMIN-, where it is possible to audit ON LINE the services supply events in their entirety


Joint Tests: The integrated tests aim to validate the combined verification,  ensuring Integrity, consistency and congruence of the information presented by one or more pieces that collect results from another or other pieces managed in the Final Solution


Independents: such that the execution of one test does not affect the execution of another



Testing Properties


Automation: No manual intervention is carried out. All interventions are carried out through the user interface provided for each function of the Final Customized Solution


Completeness: Such that it is guaranteed to cover the entire functional range


Repetitivity: Starting from a theoretical situation previously described in the test notebook, guaranteeing that each time the test is repeated under the same conditions, the same result will be obtained.


Professionalism: From the generation of test notebooks where each case to be checked is registered, its result, the incidental aspect if any, and in case of existing, the complete repetition of the verification of this case is guaranteed. All this comprobations will be registered in the testing notebooks