SIGTB FinTech Architecture

SIGTB FinTech is based on open architecture and new generation designed to accelerate business processes and cycles of any financial organization, to align technology and business.

SIGTB FinTech´s architecture has been designed to enables drastically shortens the development and deployment time compared to other market solutions, given thats it allows the configuration and customization of the presentation layers, functionality of the various modules, business rules, user profiles, ... in an easy, simple and friendly way oriented to the needs and strategy of Client Organization.





SIGTB FinTech enables integration and interoperability with any of the many technologies that can be installed in a financial institution, ensuring scalability, thereby allowing the business to accompany the growth in an absolutely transparent way.


It offers a model Data Abstraction Layer thus decoupling the Data Model and independence of the Database Manager, supporting the standards of the Industry.


It presents a flexible and interoperable transactional environment enabling to the financial entities to customize the presentation layer of content, providing big facilities for communication, collaboration and information.


SIGTB FinTech Functional Perimeter