SDK / API allows working collaboratively, taking advantage of all the material and logistic resources involved in the Project.


The Platform provides an operational environment for the development and integration of applications that allows drastically shortening the Development Process cycles.



It proposes to manage the development from the standpoint of autonomous, integrable, encapsulated and reusable components, whether they are pieces of code or APIs that manage the interaction with the I-O layer (DDBB - Data Model).


It presents an Integral Model that allows administering the Application Development and Publication Process from end to end, delivering coverage to each and every one of the phases that compose it.


The Model inherit the maatGroup authentication Platform facilities (Authentification-Authorization-Accounting type) which allows access to the entire universe of Solutions and Services through Unified Registration and Single Sign ON.


The development strategy focuses on shortening strongly the effort cycles based on Component-oriented Philosophy, which allows:


(a) integrate elements from different environments or technologies,


(b) manage and feed a Catalog of Components and Services


(c) reuse any cataloged elements