Data Model Transaction Layer



One of the main features of SIGTB FinTech is the construction of generic parts in the form of pay components that enable the concept of reusing, generalizing and encapsulating models that express similarities present in specific implementations after achieving independence from them.


In this mean, The SIGTB FinTech Abstraction Layer supports a Data Model APIs delivering publications to be consumed as interstitial services between different modules CORE.


Main advantages of this model:


(a) Undock the Data Model: If any changes occur to the Model, CORE will not suffer any structural trauma. Applications continue to operate transparently to the Database Manager, it is only necessary update the service API that corresponds to the change.


(b) Database Engine Independence: It means that CORE will be able to withstand a change of Database Engine without the need to change syntax or compilations.


(c) Clean Code: The Framework provides a SIGTB FinTech APIs Catalog to manage interactions with the database. It will get the one hand, decoupled Inquire layer and the other hand, you get a SQL predicate clean code